Swedish Medical Website

The Swedish Medical Center Foundation (SMCF) is the largest nonprofit medical provider in the Northwest.  They contribute to medicine’s toughest challenges including: the fight against cancer, cardiovascular treatment, neuroscience research, and pediatric care.

Challenge: SMCF required the design and development of a website for donating and learning about the supported causes.  Potential donors needed a quick way to learn about SMCF.  Engine’s focus was to bring the experience of the warm personal care of western medicine to the web, communicating to donors the good they are adding to the world through their support.

Solution: A full CMS built on Drupal, complimented by an intuitive eCommerce flow that allowed for easy donation.

Result: The strong emotive elements on the SMCF website have helped it raise $90 million and will undoubtedly reach their goal of $100 million.